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Download Freepress as a file in PDF, ePub or mobi format for reading on computers, smartphones, tablets or ebook readers. Just click on the appropriate link below.

mobi files can be read on Amazon's Kindle devices. ePub is used by all other ebook readers (including tablets like the iPad). We will shortly make Freepress available from iTunes - keep watching for further details.

The PDFs start with No:155, November/December 2006. We are working on an index to help search the Freepress archive and, subject to available funding, we hope to make earlier editions of Freepress available in ePub and mobi formats.

Individual items from the editions will also be uploaded to the site as searchable documents, when time and resources permit.

SpringFreepress 206FP206FP206
WinterFreepress 205FP205FP205
AutumnFreepress 204FP204FP204
SummerFreepress 203FP203FP203
SpringFreepress 202FP202FP202
Nov-Dec:Freepress 201n/an/a
Sep-Oct:Freepress 200n/an/a
May-Jun:Freepress 199n/an/a
Mar-Apr:Freepress 198n/an/a
Jan-Feb:Freepress 197n/an/a
Nov-Dec:Freepress 196FP196FP196
Sep-Oct:Freepress 195FP195FP195
Jul-Aug:Freepress 194FP194FP194
May-Jun:Freepress 193FP193FP193
Mar-Apr:Freepress 192FP192FP192
Jan-Feb:Freepress 191FP191FP191
Nov-Dec:Freepress 190FP190FP190
Sep-Oct:Freepress 189FP189FP189
Jul-Aug:Freepress 188n/an/a
May-Jun:Freepress 187n/an/a
Jan-Apr:Freepress 186n/an/a
Nov-Dec:Freepress 185n/an/a
Sep-Oct:Freepress 184n/an/a
Jul-Aug:Freepress 183n/an/a
May-Jun:Freepress 182n/an/a
Mar-Apr:Freepress 181n/an/a
Jan-Feb:Freepress 180n/an/a
Nov-Dec:Freepress 179n/an/a
Sep-Oct:Freepress 178n/an/a
Jul-Aug:Freepress 177n/an/a
May-Jun:Freepress 176n/an/a
Mar-Apr:Freepress 175n/an/a
Jan-Feb:Freepress 174n/an/a
Nov-Dec:Freepress 173n/an/a
Sep-Oct:Freepress 172n/an/a
Jul-Aug:Freepress 171n/an/a
May-Jun:Freepress 170n/an/a
Mar-Apr:Freepress 169n/an/a
Jan-Feb:Freepress 168n/an/a
Nov-Dec:Freepress 167n/an/a
Sep-Oct:Freepress 166n/an/a
Jul-Aug:Freepress 165n/an/a
May-Jun:Freepress 164n/an/a
Mar-Apr:Freepress 163n/an/a
Jan-Feb:Freepress 162n/an/a
Nov-Dec:Freepress 161n/an/a
Sep-Oct:Freepress 160n/an/a
Jul-Aug:Freepress 159n/an/a
May-Jun:Freepress 158n/an/a
Mar-Apr:Freepress 157n/an/a
Jan-Feb:Freepress 156n/an/a
Nov-Dec:Freepress 155n/an/a

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