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2nd Floor, Vi and Garner Smith House

23 Orford Road

Walthamstow, London E17 9NL

Phone 07729 846 146

e-mail: freepress AT

ann fieldChair: Ann Field

anonVice-Chairs: Pat Holland and Adam Christie

anonSecretary: Jonathan Hardy

clara colleyTreasurer: Claire Colley

barry white

National Organiser: Barry White

tim-gopsillTim Gopsill edits Free Press

e-mail: timgo AT

Other National Council members:

Alan Burn
Bernie Corbett
Chris Frost
David Peel
Des Freedman
Erin Van Der Maas
Franc David
Frances Balfour
Gary Herman
Granville Williams
Jacquie Reed
John Bailey
Joy Johnson
Julian Petley
Julie-ann Davies
Kathy Darby
Kathy Lowe
Laura Davison
Lesli Miller
Maxim Ford
Mick Gosling
Mike Jempson
Phil Hood
Roger Williams
Sean Tunney
Sue Tibbles
Tom OMalley

DATELINE: 15 August, 2014