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Don't let them destroy the BBC
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Armando Iannucci, the award winning writer behind 'The Thick of It' and 'Veep' has attacked government ministers for trying to kill off the BBC and called on people to defend it against politicians and Rupert Murdoch. In a speech entitled 'We're all in this together' at the 40th annual James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture on 26 August, he said it would be "bad capitalism" to diminish the national broadcaster and said the debate about the BBC's future had been poisoned by the newspaper industry. "If the BBC were a weapons system, half the cabinet would be on a plane to Saudi Arabia to tell them how brilliant it was" he told the Edinburgh audience.
  Speaking the following day at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister called for the BBC to be reorganised around a federal structure, with more money and new TV and radio services for Scotland, as part of its charter renewal. In a fresh call for decentralisation she called for a new federal structure of BBC boards for Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland and England under a UK board of trustees.
  With the successful parliamentary launch in June of the broadcasting unions 'Love it or Lose it' campaign, the fight for the future of the BBC is well underway. Yet before public consultations began on Charter Renewal, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale told the House of Commons that the corporation had agreed to fully fund free TV licences for over-75s from 2020/21 at an estimated cost of £650m a year, while Tony Hall has warned that over 30,000 jobs could be lost if BBC funding is cut through reducing the licence fee (Guardian, 25 August 2015). That's why we need a wide ranging campaign to protect the BBC and safeguard the future of public service broadcasting.

What you can do

# Sign BECTU's Love It Or Lose It petition
# Sign the 38 Degrees petition
# Open Democracy's Our Beeb section
# The Independent: Osborne's assault on the BBC is doing Murdoch's dirty work
# The Independent: Rupert Murdoch's private meeting with George Osborne: The mogul always likes to back a winner
# Download Autumn bulletin from 'Voice of the Listener & Viewer'
# Write to your MP
# Visit the Campaign Facebook page
# Learn more on the NUJ website
# Download the CPBF response to the DCMS consultation on Charter Renewal
And, of course, read the stories on this page.

Don't let them scrap the BBC News Channel


The BBC management is making a decision next month which could be disastrous for UK news. The BBC News Channel has a weekly audience of 8 to 10 million, reaching more than a third of all households. But to cut costs, the BBC management is considering closing it and broadcasting the BBC World News TV in the UK instead. Or, closing both channels and creating a new one, with a foreign emphasis, which would air in Britain and globally.

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Entertainment unions launch alternative vision for BBC

campaigns | BBC

The Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU) launched its BBC Alternative White Paper in the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 15 March. The FEU's Alternative White Paper calls on the BBC to: • Renegotiate its agreement to fund free TV licences for the over-75s, which could mean a loss of 20 per cent of its budget; • Be independent of government interference, by extending the Charter period to 11 years to take it out of the political cycle; • Have a governance structure which is not filled with government appointees and includes representatives of its staff and licence fee payers; • Continue to be a universal broadcaster making a full range of popular drama and entertainment programmes; • Provide news free of bias and maintain standards of accuracy and integrity in its journalism.

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Government accused of using charter renewal to diminish BBC

campaigns | BBC

BBC charter renewal is being used by the Government to diminish the broadcaster and boost its competitors, Labour has claimed. “Eviscerating" the BBC is the only thing the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Culture Secretary agree on, shadow culture secretary Maria Eagle claimed in a swipe over divisions about the EU. She accused Culture Secretary John Whittingdale of ignoring public satisfaction with the broadcaster and using the BBC charter renewal as a way of cutting its output.

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Carving up the BBC: The Clementi Review of BBC Governance.

campaigns | BBC

The BBC has been a self-regulating organisation since its first Royal Charter in 1926. It used to be regulated by a Board of Governors, and more recently by a BBC Trust. The Governors were meant, more so than the Trust members, to be representative of the nations and regions and different interest groups in society. Now, the Clementi Report on the future of BBC Governance, published on 1 March 2016 is recommending the end of self-governance. It wants the BBC to be run on a day to day basis by what it calls a ‘unitary board’ and for the regulatory oversight to be given to the commercial media regulator, Ofcom.

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