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Supporting the Hillsborough families

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Posted by Hacked Off news release

We are writing to ask for your help. We are the Chair and Secretary of the Hillsborough Families Support Group and we have worked closely with Hacked Off to hold politicians to the promises they made to have more effective press regulation and to end the terrible injustices that some newspapers perpetrate.

The longest inquests in English legal history recently told the world what we and other Hillsborough families already knew: our loved ones were killed unlawfully and - just as importantly – that it was in no way their fault. Finally, after 27 years of lies and betrayal the public were told the truth, but after all these years of torment, we still haven’t got to the bottom of the cover–up.

We always understood from what we were told by the Prime Minister and other politicians that - after the prosecutions of journalists for hacking and for paying police and prison officers could no longer be ‘prejudiced' - the Leveson Inquiry would then turn to these important questions….. Questions of how the phone hacking scandal and the Hillsborough tragedy’s causes had been covered up for so long by the police and the press, and how we can make sure that this can never happen again. This is called Leveson Part 2 and was planned 5 years ago.

But now the Prime Minister and his media Minister Mr Whittingdale have told us that they may not conduct this inquiry at all. I hope you agree that this is not acceptable. Andy Burnham MP has, with support from across the political parties, tabled an amendment to a bill on policing and crime, currently going through Parliament which would require an inquiry such as Leveson Part 2 into police and press corruption to take place.

Can you please support me and the other Hillsborough families by writing to your MP today and asking them to support it?

There are still so many questions left unanswered.

Did the police investigate complaints about police and press corruption thoroughly?

Did police officers receive illegal payments to suppress these complaints or investigations?

How do we know that the same thing couldn’t happen again today?

I’m disgusted that after everything we’ve been through, we are still fighting to get the whole truth. This is our best shot yet so please support us. Please email your MP today (the amendment is being debated on Monday) and help us root out this corruption for good.

Best wishes, Margaret Aspinall, Chair, Hillsborough Families Support Group Sue Roberts, Secretary, Hillsborough Families Support Group

DATELINE: 12 June, 2016


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